St. Therese Immersion Highlight

  • One very successful Immersion Partnership is our ongoing involvement with St. Therese Catholic Academy. For the past two years, St. Therese middle school students have been visiting Christ Our Hope each month throughout the academic year. The grades rotate who visits each month and each visit brings new energy, activities, and building transformational relationships with one another.

    At the end of the year, St. Therese hosts Christ Our Hope parishioners, staff, and Josephinum residents for a day of reflection and celebration with students.

    We look forward to seeing how Christ Our Hope and the Josephinum are blessed with in this tremendous partnership!  

    Thoughts from St. Therese Students: 

    “I learned that everyone is different. My favorite activity was cooking lunch! Next year I am looking forward to meeting new people.”

    “The individuals I meet inspired me and taught me life lessons”

    “I loved spending time with the residents!”

    “I learned the importance of respecting my elders. And that the residents could dance too! Thank you for the experience and I look forward to coming back next year!”

    “I loved our Christmas party! It was very fun decorating cookies with everyone. I got to see how creative everyone was because of their decorations. The cookies were also very delicious. I hope that I will eventually get to be able to see you guys again after graduating.”

    “Thank you so much for welcoming us!”

    St. Therese 6th graders run the bingo game at a 2018 Immersion.