Online Security

  • Update - 4/8/2019

    Dear Friends, 

    This week a fake email and other messages were sent in my name with a picture o fme asking for financial assistance for a family member. Please know that no one on our parish staff, including myself, ever uses social media for these kinds of requests. If you get one please disregard and report to the parish as soon as possible. This is yet another reminder of monitoring use of the internet with online safety and responsibility in mind. 

    In Christ Our Hope, 
    Fr. Heric 

  • If you have received a suspicious email or phone call:

    Staff or official representatives of Christ Our Hope will NEVER call or email you for a request for funds or aid - urgent or otherwise. Volunteers may call to thank you for your stewardship and will leave a voicemail.

    People have been known to fraudulently represent themselves as someone from our community urgently asking for money. In the past they have asked for iTunes gift cards or PayPal transfers.

    Please do not wire money or send personal checks or electronic gift cards in response what may appear to be a Christ Our Hope request. 

    Stay vigilent and if you ever receive an email or phone call that appears suspicious, do not respond.

  • If you receive a suspect communication please contact the Parish Office directly via phone at 206 448 8826 or use the form below to report a security incident. 

    Do check the email domain and make sure all emails come from 

    A complete list of Parish Leadership is on our Contacts page.

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